Comprehensive and compliant TAE40116 resources

On Target Work Skills has developed a complete set of training and assessment resources for delivering the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification.

There were a few things to be done before developing the TAE40116 resources.

  • The elective unit had to be selected
  • The TAE40116 program had to be given structure
  • A sequence for delivering the unit had to be decided
  • Assessment tasks had to be determined and sequenced
  • The process or performance of tasks had to be described.

After the TAE40116 program had be designed, the resources were developed. The steps for resource development included:

  • Identified evidence items for each performance criteria, foundation skill, and assessment requirement
  • Used an assessment matrix to ensure each performance criteria, foundation skill, and assessment requirement are covered
  • Developed a Student Guide for each assessment task
  • Developed Assessor Guides giving sample answers for assessing knowledge evidence and describing decision-making criteria for assessing performance evidence
  • Developed Trainer Guides, PowerPoint slides and templates that gives a learning pathway towards the assessment tasks.

The result is a comprehensive and compliant set of TAE40116 resources consisting of:

  • 5 Assessor Guides (covering VET unit, ASS cluster, DES unit, DEL cluster, LLN unit)
  • 19 Student Guides (one for each assessment task)
  • 5 Trainer Guides (covering VET unit, ASS cluster, DES unit, DEL cluster, LLN unit)
  • PowerPoints slides (for the TAE Trainer)
  • PowerPoint slides (handouts) (for the TAE Student)
  • Templates and other handouts.

TAE40116 Elective unit

Two elective units have been integrated into the TAE40116 program.

  • The TAEASS301 Contribute to assessment unit ensures the TAE Student experiences the proper use of other parties to collect assessment evidence.
  • The TAEDEL301 Provide work skill instruction unit ensures the TAE Student can deliver skills or task-based training. This is to avoid TAE Students merely covering knowledge or theory-based training.

TAE40116 Structure and sequence

The TAE40116 program has been designed around 5 learning blocks and the recommended delivery sequence is:

  • The VET Framework (VET)
  • Competency-based assessment (ASS)
  • Competency-based training design (DES)
  • Competency-based training delivery (DEL)
  • Language, literacy, and numeracy (LLN).

The following diagram shows the structure for the TAE40116 program.

TAE40116 program structure

The VET Framework (VET) unit is overarching. And the Language, literacy, and numeracy (LLN) unit is underpinning. These two units relate to every other unit of the TAE40116 qualification.

TAE40116 Assessment tasks

Most TAE units specify a volume or frequency of evidence required. This requirement along with all the usual assessment requirements must be covered. To cover everything, 19 assessment tasks have been created for the TAE40116 program.

TAE40116 Training days

The AQF volume of learning and the characteristics of typical TAE Students have been considered. The recommended standard program has 26 training days and a fast-track program has 20 training days. The fast-track programs needs a small group size of about 8 learners, and the learners need good computer skills.

Process or performance of tasks

The TAE40116 resources feature hand-on practical learning and a strong visual element to help the TAE Student learn the process or performance tasks. The following are examples of some visual frameworks that are unique to the resources available from On Target Work Skills.

How to design and develop an assessment tool

How to plan and prepare to deliver group-based training

How to deliver training in the workplace

How to address LLN skills

Training and assessment cycle: what tasks are performed by a VET trainer and assessor?

Continuous improvement

The Australian VET system constantly changes. On Target Work Skills continuously improves and keeps the TAE40116 resources updated. There is a new version of the resources each year, or more often when required.

  • The resources have been developed by a TAE Trainer for TAE Trainers.
  • The resources have been designed and developed based on years of experience delivering the TAE40116 qualification, and before that delivering the TAE40110 and TAA40104 qualifications.
  • The resources have been designed to get results.

Further information and advice

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Author: Alan Maguire

35+ years experience as a trainer, instructional designer, quality manager, project manager, program manager, RTO auditor, RTO manager and VET adviser.

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    RTO No. 4687
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  2. Thank you for demonstrating that Training is science in practice with your TAE program resources. We note that you have only developed resources for the cert IV qualification, do you have diploma level as well?

    Do you offer train-the-trainer programs for your resources, if so what would be the fee and payment structure? we are a small group of dedicated vet practioners that wish to review and refresh using the TAE qualifications.


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