Grow your website traffic – webinar August 2021

Do you want to know how to grow your website traffic?

I am a sole trader with not a lot of cash to splash. I have developed a website, but more importantly I have established an internet presence.

Growth in my website traffic

Today, my website gets the same number of views each day that I use to get in a month. The following graph shows that something happened in October 2020. And during 2021, traffic to my website has grown.

Google search ranking

And people are finding my On Target Work Skills website on Google. Sometimes, my webpages will be ranked #1. For example, the following shows the search result for ‘TAE Tutoring’.

And sometimes, my webpage will rank highly in a list of search results. For example, the following shows the search result for ‘TAE40116 Resources’. My webpage is displayed first after the four organisations that have paid for advertising.

This proves that an individual can have the same internet presence as an organisation, and without paying a dollar. I have not paid any money for advertising or any other SEO services.

Webinar about how to grow website traffic

Many people living in the modern world may want a website that people visit. I am happy to tell you what I have learnt about growing website traffic. I have used WordPress as my publishing platform and LinkedIn as my social media channel.

During August 2021, I am presenting an interactive webinar about how to grow website traffic.

Webinar objectives

In this webinar you will cover the strategies I have used:

  • Developing a LinkedIn profile
  • Using WordPress to create a website
  • Becoming a content creator by posting articles
  • Using menus, headings, lists, and visuals
  • Keeping website content up to date.

I will give you details, and you can ask me questions.

Webinar duration

The webinar duration is 90 minutes:

  • 60-minute presentation
  • 30-minute question and answer session

Webinar dates

Select one of the following:

  • Thursday 19th of August, 2021, starting at 1:00pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
  • Tuesday 24th of August, 2021, starting at 11:00am (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Webinar location

You can attend from your workplace or home because the webinar will be delivered via Zoom.

Are you new to Zoom video conferencing? If you are, please don’t be concerned. The connection to Zoom is quick, and using Zoom is easy. Instructions about joining and using Zoom will be provided when your webinar enrolment is confirmed.

Webinar fee

The webinar fee is $79 (includes certificate of attendance).

Webinar enrolment is essential.

Please call Alan Maguire on 0493 065 396 to reserve your place.

Contact now!

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Author: Alan Maguire

35+ years experience as a trainer, instructional designer, quality manager, project manager, program manager, RTO auditor, RTO manager and VET adviser.

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