Do you need help with your TAE40116 studies?

Over the years, I have helped many people as they have struggled with the study and assessment requirements of the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification. It is not an easy qualification to get.

I have established a TAE Tutoring service to help people who need help with their TAE studies, or are wanting to speed-up their progress. Central to my service are tutoring sessions via Zoom video conferencing (frequently using the ‘Share Screen’ function). These sessions are supplemented by emails, text messages, and the occasional phone call.

TAE Tutoring sessions can be weekly, or as required. I have had multiple sessions in the one week, and I have skipped weeks when help is not needed. My tutoring service is tailored for each individual, and totally flexible.

A case study about getting help from a TAE Tutor

TAE Tutoring provides the extra support that some people need. The following is a case study about someone who I am currently helping.

Online, self-paced learning

This person had chosen to do their TAE40116 studies as an online, self-paced program. The training provider was offering limited training support. Only extremely short duration contact with a trainer/assessor was available, and there is no contact with other learners. The learning was primarily to be from the ‘textbook’. Reading a participant manual is not everyone’s preferred learning method.

This person was only a few weeks into their studies and they felt lost and confused. They were not making progress. It was early days but they were disheartened and losing their desire to continue.

As an experienced TAE Tutor, I could say to this person that it was quite normal to feel overwhelmed by all the new VET terminology and acronyms. I could tell him that most people felt the way he was feeling, and that he needed to be patient. I could say to him that most people needed weeks, if not months, to become familiar with the language of VET.

Help with TAEDES402

The first topic being covered was the TAEDES402 Use training packages and accredited courses to meet client needs unit of competency.

During the first tutoring session we covered:

  • What is an accredited course
  • What are the Standards for VET accredited courses
  • Current, superseded and deleted qualifications
  • Transition period when qualifications are superseded
  • How to use the packaging rules to select units to meet a client’s needs
  • How to create a table to organise units selected and checking that the packaging rules have been met.

The help I provided related to the assessment tasks. Terminology was explained, examples given, and techniques demonstrated.

At the second tutoring session we covered:

  • Industry endorses Training Packages
  • Endorsed components of Training Packages (available from the website)
    • Qualifications
    • Units of competency
    • Assessment requirements
    • Credit arrangements
  • Non-endorsed components of Training Packages (available from website)
    • Implementation Guide
    • Other companion volumes
  • The six (6) Training Package Developers
  • Contextualisation guidelines are found in the Implementation Guide for the Training Package (brief descriptive, usually not very informative)
  • Copy and paste is a useful skill to have
    • Use short-cut [ctrl] [c] for copy
    • Use short-cut [ctrl] [v] for paste
  • Pre-requisites
  • Creating and using tables is a good way to organise and present information.

Again, the help I provided directly related to the assessment tasks, and tailored for the individual’s circumstance.

The tutoring sessions allowed direct answers to his questions without distractions from other learners, and without time being consumed due to irrelevant questions asked by other learners. Another advantage is the ability to keep asking questions until the answer has meaning. Deeper understanding is achieved.

Building confidence

As he started to make progress, I could give him words of encouragement. Not platitudes, but authentic remarks based on his progress and accomplishment. Most of my focus is helping people develop their competence but sometimes confidence needs to be built, and self-belief and motivation follows.

He has been assessed as competent for the TAEDES402 unit. His confidence has returned, his determination to continue is strengthen, and his desire to get the work done is awesome.

In conclusion

A good TAE Tutor will provide information and advice that will help the person learn what is needed.

Over the years as a TAE Trainer, I have learnt what knowledge and skills a TAE Student needs, and when they need it. I know how to give clear explanations and examples. I provide proven techniques and methods that are simple and practical. And most importantly, I close the knowledge and skill gaps.

TAE Tutoring is a collaborative journey.

TAE Tutoring service

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Author: Alan Maguire

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