Workplace assessor

workplace assessor


This training program develops the work skills and knowledge required to assess performance in the workplace; including planning, preparation and post-assessment activities. It has been designed for anyone with the responsibility for assessing the performance of an individual.

Essential work skills

Participants attending this training program shall learn the following work skills:

  • Determine the assessment approach
  • Prepare the assessment plan
  • Develop assessment tools
  • Prepare for the assessment
  • Gather performance evidence
  • Make the assessment decision
  • Record and report the assessment decision
  • Review the assessment process.


The duration of the standard training program is three days.

  • Customisation is available.
  • Assessment of competency is additional.

Workplace application

The skills and knowledge learnt at a training program must be applied in the workplace. Each participant shall receive an invitation to a coaching session, half day group session or a follow up visit in their workplace. The agenda for this session or visit may include advice about skills application in the workplace, skills assessment and coaching.

Competency standards alignment

Australia’s VET system provides a comprehensive framework for the development of work skills. This training program is aligned to:

  • TAEASS401 Plan assessment activities and processes
  • TAEASS402 Assess competence.


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