TAE40116 Program

TAE40116 program designed to get results

On Target Work Skills has designed a TAE40116 program based on 5 learning blocks.

5 learning blocks

The 5 learning blocks are:

The following shows the number of competency standards, number of assessment tasks, and number of training days for each learning block or topic:

tae40116 numbers

TAE40116 training  and assessment strategy

Two versions of the TAE40116 program have been developed:

The development of the Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS) is the RTO’s responsibility. Each RTO must decide how many training days it will deliver based on the characteristics and needs of their learner cohort. However, advice or guidance can be provided.

TAE40116 implementation workshops

Three free implementation workshops are available when your RTO initially acquires the licence to use the TAE40116 resources:

TAE40116 resources

Pricing for TAE40116 resources

  • Initial acquisition price is $5,000
  • Annual licence fee is $2,700

These dollar figures are current as at the 1st of February 2021. Like most things that cost money, they are subject to change. Contact On Target Work Skills to confirm or discuss.

And customisation of the TAE40116 resources can be negotiated.

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