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On the 19th of December 2016, the Australian Government announced the closure of the Industry Skills Fund (fund). This fund had assisted business to invest in training and support services, and to develop innovative training solutions. For two years, the fund had helped businesses to build a skilled workforce that could take advantage of new business growth opportunities and adapt to rapid technological change.

Skills advice was available under the fund. This skills advice service consisted of:

  • Clarification of business requirements, growth opportunity and performance measures
  • Identification of skills needed to help increase competitiveness and achieve growth and performance targets
  • Recommendation of training and non-training solutions to achieve business and skills requirements

The service was delivered by experienced skills advisers dedicated solely to providing advice, but importantly they were independent of training providers. Many businesses had found this service to have been of value.

The fund is no longer available, however the need for comprehensive, targeted and independent skills advice and assistance is still needed.

New skills advice service

On Target Work Skills has established a new skills advice service. A range of services are available, including:

  • Training needs analysis
  • Workforce development planning and budgeting
  • Implementation of workforce development systems
  • Identification of training providers and government funding
  • Assistance with apprenticeship arrangements

Skills development and training that is on target aims to improve performance. Typically, there are three levels of performance to be considered.

  • Workforce or organisation performance
  • Workgroup or team performance
  • Individual performance.

Workforce performance is dependent on the performance of each workgroup. And workgroup performance is dependent on the performance of each individual. Skills development and training that is on target shall develop each individual within the context of the workgroup and workforce performance needs.

Skills development and training

Three steps towards developing work skills:

  • Knowledge and work skills identification – identifying what is needed
  • Knowledge and work skills acquisition – training to help the learner acquire the new work skills
  • Knowledge and work skills application – coaching to ensure the new work skills are applied in the workplace

performance and knowledge

All services are delivered by an experienced and qualified adviser. Past and current clients have been from a wide range of industry sectors, including:

  • Automotive and mechanical equipment
  • Building and construction
  • Food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • General and advanced manufacturing
  • Horticulture and heliculture
  • Hospitality, retail and other services
  • Information and communication technology
  • Education and training
  • Logistics, transport and distribution
  • Mining and suppliers to mine operations.

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