Core Skills for Work

The Core Skills for Work (CSfW) Developmental Framework describes the non-technical skills, knowledge, and understanding that people need to participate successfully in work.

The CSfW was funded by the Commonwealth of Australia and developed by
Ithaca Group Pty Ltd

The Employer Guide provides an overview of the CSfW framework for employers, as well as its application and benefits. It should be read in conjunction with the framework.

The detailed performance features describe how an individual might behave when operating at a particular stage of performance.

They can be used to identify what stage an individual is at in their skill development to:

  • articulate and build on an individual’s current strengths
  • establish the stage at which an individual is performing, so that learning and development activities can focus on any skill gaps
  • provide a guide as to what individuals might do to develop in particular skill areas
  • develop shared and realistic expectations about the appropriate stage of performance for an individual in a particular context and timeframe
  • identify the nature and degree of support required, and the types of practical experience and challenges needed for further learning and development.

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