Report writing skills


This training program develops the skills and knowledge required to plan writing of reports, draft reports, prepare and produce final reports.

It applies to individuals who work in a range of business environments and are required to write reports.

Essential work skills

Participants attending this training program shall learn the following essential work skills:

  • Determine the purposes
  • Select an appropriate format
  • Develop overview of structure and content
  • Draft report according to document standards
  • Check grammar, spelling and style for accuracy and punctuation.


The standard duration of this training program is one day.

Additional training for using Microsoft Word to write and present reports is recommended.

  • Customisation is available.
  • Assessment of competency is additional.

Workplace application

The skills and knowledge learnt at a training program must be applied in the workplace. Each participant shall receive an invitation to a coaching session, half day group session or a follow up visit in their workplace. The agenda for this session or visit may include advice about skills application in the workplace, skills assessment and coaching.

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