Assessment quality


2017 Assessment of quality of assessment

A presentation titled ‘Assessment of quality of assessment‘ was first delivered at the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) Conference 2017. Later, an updated version of this presentation was delivered at the Box Hill Institute (BHI) and Centre for Adult Education (CAE) Symposium 2017.

Data was collected at both presentations to determine the cause of poor quality assessment.

2016 Improving the quality of assessment

Australian Government’s Department of Education and Training

2015 Department of Training and Workforce Development, Western Australia

2014 Assessment validation

The Australian Government provided each state and territory government to conduct ‘independent validation of assessment’ pilot projects.

2013 Department of Training and Workforce Development, Western Australia

The following comprehensive set of documents were first published 2005 or 2008 by the Western Australian Government’s Department of Training and Development; and republished in 2013.

2010 National Quality Council

This work has been produced by Shelley Gillis of the Work-based Education Research Centre of Victoria University in conjunction with Chloe Dyson of Chloe Dyson & Associates Pty Ltd and Andrea Bateman of Bateman & Giles Pty Ltd and has been developed as part of a project commissioned by the National Quality Council in 2010 with funding through the Australian Government Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations and state and territory governments.

2009 National Quality Council

2008 National Quality Council


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