TAE Webinars

On Target Work Skills offers a range of webinars that are aligned with TAE40116/TAE40122 studies.

Introduction to the Australian VET system

  • How to use navigate and search training.gov.au website
  • How to use training packages to meet client needs

Competency-based assessment

  • How to design competency-based assessment
  • How to develop quality assessment tools
  • How to conduct competency-based assessment
  • RPL assessment: What is it? How to do it?
  • Integrated assessment: What is it? Why do it?
  • Assessment validation: What is it? How to do it?

Competency-based training design

  • How to design competency-based training
  • How to develop quality training resources

Competency-based training delivery

  • How to plan, organise and deliver group-based training
  • How to coordinate workplace learning
  • How to conduct training evaluation

Online learning and assessment

  • Introduction to online learning and assessment

Other webinars

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