Competency-based assessment

In the Australian VET system, assessment is defined as: [1]

“the process of collecting evidence and making judgements on whether competency has been achieved, to confirm that an individual can perform to the standard required in the workplace, as specified in a training package or VET accredited course.”

An RTO must establish an assessment system consisting of assessment policies, assessment procedures and assessment tools that ensure assessments are consistent with the principles of assessment and the rules of evidence.

The Guide to assessment tools publication provides general information about competency-based assessment and detailed information about assessment tools.

Learning about competency-based assessment

The TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification has been designed for trainers and assessors to develop their capabilities to work within the VET system.

The three units of competency that cover the assessment tasks typically performed by an assessor working for an RTO are:

  • TAEASS512 Design and develop assessment tools [elective unit]
  • TAEASS412 Assess competence [core unit]
  • TAEASS413 Participate in assessment validation [core unit]

In conclusion


[1] Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015, Glossary

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