Introduction to the Australian VET system

VET is the acronym for vocational education and training. VET is focused on developing the capability to perform work. the The Australian VET system is big, complex, and constantly changing.

The Back 2 Basics publication provides useful information about the Australian VET system. Some of the information is getting outdated but overall it is still worthwhile reading.

Government and the Australian VET system

The current VET system was introduced in 1993. The key features of this ‘new’ training system were:

  • A training system responsive to the needs of industry
  • A training system based on competency
  • A national training system.

These founding principles still remain true today.

Since 1993, the Australian VET system has evolved and it has been reformed. ‘Reform’ is the word used by government to refer to ‘change’. Significant reforms were announced by the Scott Morrison government in 2019 and these changes are currently being implemented.

For further information about these Skill Reforms, go the the Australian Government’s Department website.

The 2022 federal election saw a change of government. The new Anthony Albanese government is continuing with the reforms to the VET system that were started by their predecessors, but are likely to make some amendments, such as increasing the involvement of the trade unions.

The Australian government and the governments of each State and territory invest billions of dollars annually into the VET system. Government funding, government programs, and government policies do shape the VET outcomes, and quality of those outcomes.

VET contributes to having a skilled and productive Australian workforce.

Learning about the Australian VET system

The TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification has been designed for trainers and assessors to develop their capabilities to work within the VET system.

The TAEDES411 Use nationally recognised training products to meet vocational training needs unit of competency provides an introduction to the VET system. You will not learn everything about Australia’s VET system but you will learn the basics.

Some people who are new to VET can find the terminology, jargon, acronyms, and abbreviations to be overwhelming. Over time, most people will learn the language of VET and become fluent at ‘VET speak’. This may take a few weeks, or longer.

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