Dimensions of competency

Introducing the four dimension of competency

Dimensions are part of the broad concept of competency, which includes all aspects of work performance as represented by: [1]

  • Task skills
  • Task management skills
  • Contingency management skills
  • Job/role environment skills.

Task skills

The ability to perform the task. [2]

A unit of competency describe elements of competency and performance criteria. These have been developed and endorsed by industry to describe the expected performance of work tasks or activities.

Task management skills

The ability to manage a range of tasks to complete work requirements. [2]

An occupation or job will require a worker to perform a range of work tasks and activities. They will need to manage their work to get things done.

  • Prioritise tasks
  • Integrate tasks
  • Plan tasks
  • Organise tasks.

Contingency management skills

The ability to respond to irregularities and break downs in routine. [2]

Not everything in a workplace goes according to plan. Accidents occur. Errors and mistakes occur. Non-standard things happen. Workers require a breath and depth of knowledge, and problem solving skills to take action when irregularities and break downs in routine occur.

Job/role environment skills

The ability to deal with responsibilities and expectations of the workplace. [2]

Ideally, a worker must meet performance standards and workplace expectations. This including working with others, such as: managers, supervisors, team leaders, colleagues, customers, clients, suppliers, etc.

In conclusion

If you are studying for your TAE40116 or TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification, you will need to know something about the dimensions of competency.

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[1] Competency Standards for Workplace Trainers 1992, page 20

[2] https://www.voced.edu.au/vet-knowledge-bank-glossary-vet accessed 29 March 2023

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