What are the endorsed components of a Training Package?

Training Packages are a key feature of Australia’s VET system.

The Standards for Training Packages ensure training packages are of high quality and meet the workforce development needs of industry, enterprises and individuals. The Standards apply to the design and development of training packages for endorsement consideration by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC). [1]

Note: On the 1st of January 2023, the endorsement authority shall be taken over by the Australian Skills Quality Authority.

This article covers:

  • What are the endorsed components of Training Packages?
  • What are the non-endorsed components of Training Packages?
  • What are the reputable sources of information about Training Packages?
  • Who can help if you are struggling with your TAE40116 studies?

Endorsed components

There are four (4) endorsed components of a Training Package:

  • Units of Competency
  • Assessment Requirements
  • Qualifications
  • Credit Arrangements.

The Standards for Training Packages gives the following information about each endorsed component. [2]

Units of Competency

  • Units of competency specify the standards of performance required in the workplace.
  • The structure of units of competency complies with the unit of competency template.

Assessment Requirements

  • Assessment requirements specify the evidence and required conditions for assessment.
  • Every unit of competency has associated assessment requirements. The structure of assessment requirements complies with the assessment requirements template.


  • Qualifications comply with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) specification for that qualification type.
  • The structure of the information for the AQF qualification complies with the qualification template.

Credit Arrangements

  • Credit arrangements existing between Training Package qualifications and Higher Education qualifications are listed in a format that complies with the credit arrangements template.

Accessing the endorsed components of a Training Package

The endorsed components of a Training package are freely available from the National VET Register (training.gov.au).

Non-endorsed components

The Training Package developer must produce a Training Package Implementation Guide. This document is a compulsory non-endorsed companion volume to the Training Package.

The Training Package developer may produce other companion volumes to meet the needs of their stakeholders as required.

Companion volume are freely available from the VETNet website.


The following are reputable sources of information about Training Packages:

[1] https://www.employment.gov.au/training-packages accessed 28 August 2019

[2] https://docs.employment.gov.au/documents/standards-training-packages accessed 28 August 2019

[3] https://training.gov.au/Home/Tga accessed 28 August 2019

[4] https://vetnet.education.gov.au/Pages/TrainingPackages.aspx accessed 28 August 2019

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