National VET register

What is the national VET register?

The website is the national register for training in Australia and contains the authoritative information about Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), Nationally Recognised Training (NRT), and the approved scope of each RTOs to deliver NRT as required in national and jurisdictional legislation within Australia.

How to access website?

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Step 1: Google

VET register 1

Step 2: Select the ‘National Register of VET’

Although you have Googled, clever people at the the Australia Government’s Department of Education and Training give you three options. Select the the option on the right (picture of a woman looking at a computer screen).

VET register 2

Step 3: Decide what information you want

From the home page of the website you may start a quick search.

VET register 3


How to search the website?

The following images were created on the 3rd of February, 2018.

Quick search

A quick search may be done from the homepage.

TGA quick search

Search function

First, select ‘Search’ from the top menu. Next, select one of the two options:

  • Search for Training Components
  • Search for Organisations or RTOs.

VET register 4

Search for Organisations or RTOs

If you want information about a RTOs, enter name or code. The code is the RTO’s number, and all RTOs must have a registration number.

VET register 5

The following information is available for every RTO.

  • Summary
  • Registration
  • Contacts
  • Scope
  • Regulatory Decision Information.

Search for Training Components

If you want information about NRT components, enter a title or code.

VET register 6

Information about the following components are available.

  • Training packages
  • Qualifications
  • Accredited courses
  • Skill sets
  • Units of competency.

Tap or click on the following ABC logo to return to the list of topics.

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