TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

The Education IRC is working to have the new TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification endorsed at the AISC meeting to be held on the 29th of November 2022. [1]

TAE40122 Qualification Packaging Rules

The packaging rules for the TAE40122 qualification require a total of 12 units of competency:

  • 6 core units
  • 6 elective units

This website uses the following structure to provide information about the TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification:

Units of Competency

Introduction to the VET system

  • TAEDES411 Use nationally recognised training products for accredited vocational training and assessment [Core]

Competency-based assessment

  • TAEASS412 Assess competence [Core]
  • TAEASS413 Participate in assessment validation [Core]

Competency-based training design

  • TAEDES412 Design and develop plans for vocational training [Core]

Competency-based training delivery

  • TAEDEL411 Facilitate vocational training [Core]
  • TAEDEL412 Facilitate workplace-based learning [Elective]
  • TAEDEL311 Provide work skill instruction [Elective]

Language, literacy and numeracy

  • TAELLN421 Integrate core skills support into training and assessment [Elective]

Online learning and assessment

  • TAEDEL405 Plan, organise and facilitate online learning [Elective]
  • TAEASS404 Assess competence in an online environment [Elective]

Personal effectiveness

  • TAETAS411 Maintain training and assessment information [Elective]
  • TAEPDD401 Operate effectively in the VET sector [Core]


[1] https://www.skillsforaustralia.com/project-page/education-tae/ accessed 29 July 2022

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