Preview of some PowerPoint slides you will see at one of my latest training courses

Anyone that knows me, will know that I create PowerPoint slides. It give me great satisfaction to quickly produce simple and effective visuals to support training that I design, develop, and deliver.

I have just developed a short training course titled, ‘How to create powerful PowerPoint presentations’. Here is a preview of some slides that I have produced for this training.

I hope you enjoy this online gallery tour.

1. Title slide

2. Agenda slide

3. Safety message

4. Fun facts about PowerPoint

5. A slide about minimising racial or gender bias

6. A colourful slide about colour

7. A slide about one of my favourite theorists

8. A balanced view

9. A slides about font type

10. A pretty slide that is pretty simple

11. What a difference a circle can make

12. A slide that leads into the next

13. It is simple to make your own icons

14. Select an appropriate SmartArt Graphic

15. A slide within a slide within a slide

About the training course

The ‘How to create powerful PowerPoint presentations‘ training course covers:

  • Design principles
  • Visual impact
    • Images
    • Visual style
    • Colour theme
  • Techniques
    • Guides and gridlines
    • Insert photos and icons
    • Re-size, rotate handles, and cropping
    • Insert tables, charts, and SmartArt Graphs
    • Simple animation
  • Rules
    • Don’t breach copyright
    • 6 x 6 rule
    • 10, 20, 30 rule.

Do you want to know more about this training course?

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