Rest In Peace ICTICT102

The ICTICT102 Operate word-processing applications unit of competency was deleted on the 18th of January 2021. This was part of the newly released version of the ICT Information and Communications Technology Training Package (Release 7.0).

In 2015, the ICTICT102 Operate word-processing applications unit of competency replaced the ICAICT102A Operate word-processing applications unit of competency.

In 2011, the ICAICT102A Operate word-processing applications unit of competency had replace the ICAU1129B Operate a word processing application unit of competency.

The ICAU1129B Operate a word processing application unit of competency was released on the 8th of July 2010.

After more than a decade of use a decision has been made to remove the ‘word processing’ unit of competency from the Australian VET system. Up until the last few months we have had the ICTICT102 Operate word-processing applications and BSBITU201 Produce simple word processed documents units of competency to give structure to the training and assessing of word processing skills. Has word processing become a thing of the past, just like dinosaurs?

It seems that the modern worker now needs the BSBTEC201 Use business software applications or ICTICT216 Design and create basic organisational documents unit of competency. However, I think these units can be ‘word processing’ in disguise. We must contextualise the newly released units to ensure people can do what we use to call ‘word processing’, but for some reason we cannot call it word processing.

I think we are witnessing George Orwells’s Newspeak being implemented. I am picking up a trend that makes units of competency extremely vague. I know that units must be written in a way to be somewhat generic, but I feel we are heading towards making units meaningless.

Can anyone give me an answer to the following questions?

  • Is ‘word processing’ an antiquated term?
  • Does any workplace still use the term ‘word processing’?
  • Is Microsoft Word still referred to as a word processing application?

The BSB and ICT Training Packages are both developed by PwC’s Skills for Australia. I assume they hope to be displaying leadership regarding Training Package development. Are they?

Australia’s VET is changing. It is certain that the current VET Reforms are disrupting the system. But will the VET system be improved, or will the VET system be damaged? Could the VET system be destroyed?

The BSB and ICT are not the only Training Packages that are changing. Unfortunately, each Training Package developer seems to be doing their own thing. And then the new Skills Organisations are likely to do different things again. No consistency. A lack of consistency create chaos, confusion, and frustration. How are you feeling? Confused? Frustrated?

Are you looking forward to the full force of the VET Reforms?

Please tell me what you think and how you are feeling.

Author: Alan Maguire

35+ years experience as a trainer, instructional designer, quality manager, project manager, program manager, RTO auditor, RTO manager and VET adviser.

3 thoughts on “Rest In Peace ICTICT102”

  1. I have worked for the Government for almost 20 years in a variety of administrative roles. We haven’t called it word processing in all that time, although I guess, technically the work I create or edit using Microsoft Word would be called word processing, based on a google search of the term “word processing”.


  2. Hi Alan, the new “ICTICT214 Operate application software packages” unit includes an element that is “Use word-processing software”. So extrapolating from that I believe the IT industry would still refer to word-processing applications with MS Word being one of the main packages available for this purpose.
    What I find unfortunate is the removal of the basic foundation skills units from the ICT package as the entire Cert I IT and all it’s units are being not just superseded, but deleted.
    ICTICT214 and BSBTEC201 both expect the use of 3 application packages (most likely word-processing, spreadsheet and presentation software) however there are still many people who would find a simple word unit of more benefit at a foundation level. Not everyone wants or needs to know how to use spreadsheets or presentation software.


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