If Thing 1 is ChatGPT, then Thing 2 is the new Microsoft Bing

Everyone may be talking about ChatGPT, but what about the new Bing?

I had the new Bing pushed onto my computer on the 15th of March, 2023. And I finally got around to looking at it today.

What is the new Bing?

The new Bing is Microsoft’s revamped search engine that provides up-to-date and complete answers to your questions. It consolidates sources across the internet to give you a single, summarised answer. It also cites the sources of information. The new Bing is powered by ChatGPT-4, but it gives a different experience to the user.

What is the different between ChatGPT and the new Bing?

ChatGPT and Bing Chat are both AI chatbots that can understand when you ask them questions or make statements in natural, human language. Both services support a range of languages, though ChatGPT is more focused on English, where Bing Chat offers a wider array of non-English languages.

Bing Chat is available on more platforms than ChatGPT, including Android, iOS, and even the Skype app. However, it currently requires you to join a waitlist whereas you can use ChatGPT immediately. Bing primarily functions as a search engine, so the new Chat feature can access web results and up-to-date information.

ChatGPT has an optional paid Plus subscription, which grants you priority access over the free tier. Bing is also free to use, but Microsoft restricts the number of conversations you can have per day.

Note: The above answer was provided by the new Bing.

What restrictions has Microsoft put on Chat function?

Currently, the Bing Chat allows up to 15 chat items per session and a total of 150 chat items per day. These restrictions may change over time. Microsoft introduced these restrictions for Bing Chat because long sessions can ‘confuse’ the program’s computing model and produce uneven or inappropriate responses.

What does the Bing Chat look like?

The following illustrates what the Bing Chat looks like. In ‘red’, I have highlighted a few points (see below for my comments).

  1. The new Bing allows us to toggle between searching the internet and using the chat function. This is a useful feature.
  2. Our questions are left-justified and the responses are right-justified. ChatGPT left justifies both questions and response which I find better for readability.
  3. The number of chat items in a session are clearly recorded as 1 of 15, 2 of 15, etc. Remember that each chat is restricted to 15 items.
  4. The new Bing clearly cites the sources of the information and it provides a link to the web page. This is useful for verifying the information.
  5. A new chat for a new topic can be easily started. However, when you start a new topic the previous topic is removed. It does a ‘clean sweep’ of the previous chat.

Is the new Bing Chat any good?

The new Bing Chat is impressive. It provides a different user experience than ChatGPT. For example, I found the new Bing slower to respond than ChatGPT, but I am talking about having to wait a few more seconds.

I asked Bing Chat, “What are the dimensions of competency?” Within 15 second I was given the correct answer and it was within the context of the Australian VET system. I hadn’t specified the context but it was exactly what I was wanting.

The following show my question and the answer I received. In ‘red’, I have highlighted a few points (see below for my comments).

  1. This was my questions.
  2. This was the answer to my question.
  3. The answer must be good since it has cited my website as a source of the information it has provided. (And my ontargetworkskills.com website was listed as number 1!)

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Upcoming webinar

I am delivering a webinar titled, ‘ChatGPT and how to use it before and during training’. At this webinar, I will include information about the new Bing.

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One thought on “If Thing 1 is ChatGPT, then Thing 2 is the new Microsoft Bing”

  1. Greetings Alan,
    Exceptionally authored article clearly delineating the differences, pros, and cons of the ChatGPT and Bing Chat.
    Thank you and much appreciated
    Derek Bailey


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