What are the key features of the Australian VET system?

This image of Vegemite, cake, sausage, pizza, sandwich and training wheels on a bike will only make sense half way through this article.

I have discovered that ChatGPT can be addictive. This morning I asked ChatGPT, what are the key features of the Australian VET system?

Here is the first response given.

Not a bad answer. However, I would edit the terms ‘Accredited training providers’ to be ‘Registered training providers’, and ‘private colleges’ to be ‘private training providers’.

Again using ChatGPT, I regenerated the response to the same question and was given the following.

Again, not a bad answer. But I dislike the American English spelling of words with a ‘z’ rather than the Australian English spelling of words with an ‘s’. For example, ‘recognize’ should be ‘recognise’.

And I may disagree that there is consistency across all states and territories. There is often great inconsistencies from one RTO to another RTO. Therefore, this may be misleading. Also, it may be contestable to say that the Australian VET system is highly regarded. This claim would need further evidence or justification.

Next, I got ChatGPT to regenerate the answer to the same question but to make it funny. And this is what I was given.

Well done ChatGPT! However, some Victorians may remember that in recent years a TAFE was involved in the rorting of government funding, and one of the rorters referred to what they were doing as a ‘sausage factory’. So, this may not be funny to some people, but the full analogy is nicely written.

I regenerated the response and was given the following.

I don’t think the second response is as good as the first response, but there are some interesting ideas.

I wonder if ChatGPT can be used as a discussion generator when delivering the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or Diploma of Vocational Education and Training. It could be a bit of fun. What do you think?


I added this postscript about 6 hours after publishing the article because I had received some comments that prompted me to further use ChatGPT.

How could the Australia VET system be improved?

A vision statement for the Australian VET system

This vision statement is quite inspirational. I think it is better written than the current vision statement that was agreed by Skills Ministers and endorsed by the National Cabinet on 31 August 2022 (replacing the previous government’s vision statement that was released three years earlier). Did you know that there was a vision statement for the Australian VET system? Here it is.

Reference: https://www.dewr.gov.au/skills-reform/national-skills-agreement-vision-and-principles accessed 21 February 2023

And finally, I use ChatGPT to compare the Australian VET system with honey.

I had better stop now before it gets too silly. I had thought of asking ChatGPT to provide an answer in the writing style of Dr Seuss.

Oops! Too late …

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